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  Avo Session Basel

The festival features international as well as national performers of diverse music genres in an..

Oct 22nd - Nov 14th


A one-day only, indoor heavy metal event held across three stages in the University of Leeds..

Oct 24th - Nov 30th

  Village Fair

Village Fair has over thirty years of history. Seriously, ask your parents. Back when they were..

Oct 25th - Oct 25th

  Voodoo Experience or Voodoo Music Experience

A multi-day music festival in New Orleans, Louisiana that was originally held on Halloween..

Oct 29th - Oct 31st

  South Padre International Music Festival

The event features international and national artists, encompassing a wide range of musical..

Oct 31st - Nov 2nd

  Electronic Music Midwest

Since its beginning, EMM has programmed over 300 new electroacoustic compositions. Composers..

Nov 5th - Nov 7th

  Aalborg Metal

Aalborg Metal Festival is a heavy metal festival held annually in Aalborg, Denmark since 2002...

Nov 6th - Nov 8th

  Blues at Bridgetown

Since 1993 we have been an international celebration of Blues music, held over three days in the..

Nov 12th - Nov 14th

  London Jazz Festival

Held in England's capital in November the event occurs at various venues around London including..

Nov 13th - Nov 22nd


Central Park SummerStage, a program of City Parks Foundation, presents performances of..

Nov 30th - Nov 30th

  New Orleans Songwriters Festival

The New Orleans Songwriters Festival features songwriter rounds (3 to 4 writers on stage at a..

Dec 3rd - Dec 6th


Homebake is an annual Australian rock festival, featuring an all-Australian lineup (with the..

Dec 5th - Dec 5th

  Meredith Music festival

Meredith is an outdoor camping festival in Australian bushland. The farmland is renamed the..

Dec 12th - Dec 14th

  Woodford Folk Festival

The Woodford Folk Festival is an event of international standing. Held over six days and six..

Dec 27th - Dec 27th

  Falls Festival

The Falls Festival is a New Year's Eve music festival, held annually. It lasts three days, from..

Dec 29th - Dec 31st

  Pyramid Rock Festival

The Pyramid Rock Festival brings in the New Year annually at a farm located on the south coast..

Dec 29th - Dec 29th

  Virgin Festival

The Virgin Festival (known from 2008 as the Virgin Mobile Festival in the United States) is a..

Jan 1st - Jan 1st

  Naukabout Music Festival

The festival will take place at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds, the site of the Annual..

Jan 8th - Nov 30th


Southbound is an arts, camping and music festival. A variety of Australian and international..

Jan 8th - Jan 10th

  Redhill Country Music festival

Red Hill Country Music Festival is one of the top events in Australian country music calendar...

Jan 9th - Jan 9th

  Reach Music Festival

Reach Music Festival is a concert held by Reach Out to raise funds for charitable organziations..

Jan 10th - Jan 10th

  Tamworth Country Music Festival

The festival lasts for two weeks during late January and during this period the city of Tamworth..

Jan 14th - Jan 23rd

  Big Day Out (BDO)

The Big Day Out (BDO) is an annual music festival held in several cities in Australia and New..

Jan 15th - Jan 31st

  Rainbow Serpent Festival

Festival goers can expect to see over 100 artists across a multitude of music genres, including..

Jan 21st - Jan 24th

  Raggamuffin Music Festival

Raggamuffin is a feast of the world's best reggae music - a day of live funk, dub, hip hop and..

Jan 25th - Jan 31st

  DISK/CTM (Club Transmediale)

The annual DISK/CTM (club transmediale) festival is a music and visual arts.The festival..

Jan 28th - Feb 7th

  Laneway Festival

Emerging as an indie music event, the Laneway Festival has grown rapidly in popularity,..

Jan 29th - Feb 6th

  Sitka Jazz

Sitka Jazz Festival is a jazz festival in the community of Sitka, Alaska for four days every..

Feb 4th - Feb 6th

  MS Fest

MS Fest is a music festival, held annually in Launceston, Tasmania Australia since 2006. It is a..

Feb 6th - Feb 6th


Summercase is a two-day music festival held simultaneously in Barcelona and Madrid. The line up..

Feb 7th - Nov 30th

  Australian Blues Music Festival

The Festival showcases the very best of emerging and established blues acts from around..

Feb 11th - Feb 14th

  Cosquin Rock

Important national rock singers and groups participate of the festival, along with some of the..

Feb 12th - Feb 14th


Good Vibrations Festival commenced in 2004 and is an annual music festival that takes place..

Feb 13th - Feb 21st

  Playground Weekender

An eclectic mix of sounds featuring international artists, the cream of local talent, and..

Feb 18th - Feb 21st

  Finnish Metal Expo

Finnish Metal Expo is a heavy metal fair and festival held annually. The Finnish Metal Awards,..

Feb 19th - Jun 20th


Soundwave is an annual music festival held in major cities around Australia. It features an..

Feb 20th - Mar 1st

  Corinbank Festival

Corinbank is an annual 3-day, all-ages celebration of art, music, culture and people. This..

Feb 26th - Mar 28th

  Nannup Music Festival

The Nannup Music Festival (formerly the Southwest Folk Festival) is a live performance festival..

Feb 26th - Mar 1st

  Future Music Festival

Celebrating the ultimate sounds of tomorrow, today, Future Music Festival is a 10-hour sonic..

Feb 27th - Mar 8th

  Play It Loud! Festival

The festival has established itself as a venue for up-and coming bands from Italy and Europe (which..

Feb 28th - Feb 28th

  Nox Illuminata

Nox Illuminata is an annual international music festival established in Basel, Switzerland,..

Mar 3rd - Mar 6th


One of the largest and longest running festivals in Australia, Moomba is officially the..

Mar 5th - Mar 8th

  Port Fairy Folk Festival

With over 100 acts and more around 500 artists the festival is a vibrant and exciting cultural..

Mar 5th - Mar 8th


Part of the Womad series of music festivals. Womad events are a showcase of all different sorts..

Mar 5th - Mar 8th

  Golden Plains

Golden Plains is a Premium Festival Experience set in the Greatest of Outdoors on an Epic Long..

Mar 6th - Mar 8th


Rock It, WA's biggest and best locally programmed & produced rock and roll event isn't just..

Mar 8th - Mar 8th

  BLOC Weekend

An indoor festival set in spring showcasing the latest independent electronica acts. 2,500..

Mar 12th - Mar 14th

  Blue Mountains Music Festival

An annual music festival of folk, roots and blues in the Blue Mountains (Katoomba). A three-day..

Mar 12th - Mar 14th

  Mosaic Music Festival

Since its inception three years ago, Mosaic has become an anticipated event in the annual music..

Mar 12th - Mar 21st

  Dusty Days

Dusty Days music festival is all about good times no lines. With only 5,000 tickets available..

Mar 14th - Nov 30th

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